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November Full Moon With Lunar Eclipse - Can You Feel It?!

Tomorrow evening will see the November Full Moon, sometimes known as the Beaver Moon. Have you felt the energy rising? If you have it's no surprise as this is a particularly active Full Moon being in Taurus and at the same time as the longest Full Moon eclipse we have seen for 580 years!

I have been enjoying the webinars by Yasmin Boland author of Moonology this week hosted by Hay House, she made a very good point about how so many of us focus on the moon and manifestation, when what is probably more important is focusing on letting go. This is so true, we need to be letting go of what no longer serves us, accept and honour endings, release emotions and any negativity we have been hanging on to, this then makes room for the new to come in. These energetic blocks may have resulted in your manifestations not quite coming to fruition, by releasing them you may find big positive changes start to happen! Continue to work with letting go and your emotions over the Waning Moon, consider some cleansing rituals for example have a bath and as you wash envisage washing off what you want to let go of, then pull the plug and release it all down the drain, letting it go. Or you may like to take some time to smudge and/or cleanse your spaces with sound.

The Full Moon in Taurus is a time to slow down and appreciate everything we have; whether this be material items or family and friends or even just the food we eat (yes, even that!). To take time out for our own needs; do you need a day of doing nothing? Perhaps its time for some meditation and reflection. The Full Moon in Taurus can help us to slow down, be more relaxed and enjoy the good things in life, it may also bring up deep emotions that can be triggering, another good reason to work with it to let go of what no longer serves you. This moon can also be a time to consider offering forgiveness, this could be of others but also yourself. Spend some time in contemplation, writing down anything that comes to you that you feel you are ready to move on from.

Let's also not forget that with this Full Moon being at the same time as an Eclipse there is double the energy! Eclipses are always significant and represent turning points and changes, you can work with them to bring transformation and growth. The Full Moon and the Eclipse tomorrow will help us to adjust and re-balance, and let go of that which we no longer need - it is certainly powerful Full Moon energy over the next day or so - work with it!

I will be taking some time to write down things that I want to let go of, to move on from and to honour endings that have need to happen. I will also be focusing on my wishes for my career and stepping forward into my power and what I truly love doing, after 2 years of cancer treatment and recovery it is most certainly time to move forward again! This Full Moon is in the 10th House for me as a Leo (read about houses here) so this is divine timing for what I am moving forward with right now.

I will then be spending the evening sat in a field bathing in the moonlight and ensuring what I want to let go of is released by burning it on the fire.

Will you be honouring the November Full Moon and working with the energy of the eclipse? Will you be following any ceremony, rituals, saying any affirmations and/or visualisations? If you are thinking how to do this sit with it and allow what comes, nothing is wrong as long as your intentions are right. You can incorporate music, colour, crystals, smells, dance - whatever feels right for you.

Whatever arises, and however we work with the moon cycle we must always remember to have gratitude, to show this and be thankful. It can be too easy to start taking things for granted, when you start doing this you will find things will not be flowing as easily as they should.

Full Moon Blessings to all

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