• Kathryn Hulland

Reiki Healing – should you try it?

Reiki is a type of healing therapy that uses the hands to transfer energy. Reiki can help improve mental, emotional and physical health by balancing the body’s natural life force or “chi.” Reiki healing can be used for anything from pain relief to stress reduction to addiction recovery. It can also help with chronic illness, anxiety disorders and depression. From a personal point of view Reiki changed my life. Due to my chronic pain & fatigue I was in a bad way but when I discovered Reiki, meditation and crystals that changed, I found a new way to live and I am happy. I still have bad times, especially when a disease like cancer turns up and bites me on the arse, but throughout it all I have turned to Reiki healing and it has helped me massively, both physically and mentally – and despite my set backs it is this that helps me move forward again now and fills me with hope.

Because I have experienced first hand various illnesses and pain I can relate well to my clients. Whatever we go through is personal to us, no experience is the same so I can’t say I know how you feel, but I certainly will have some idea and empathy for what you are experiencing.

Reiki has been around for centuries, and many people are experiencing the benefits. I was very sceptical at first but my mind has been turned completely around, as have many others I know who have gone on to try it. Reiki healing can help individuals release emotional pain or trauma by releasing energy blocks that have built up over time. Crystals are another powerful tool to use during a Reiki healing.

Crystals are stones which have been mined from the earth. They are often carved into jewellery pieces like rings or necklaces, but they can also be placed on an altar in your home as part of a spiritual practice. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and each one has its own journey frequency depending on what it is made of. Reiki healing with crystals can help enhance your energy, improve wellbeing and also cleanse the body of negative energy. I always use crystals when giving Reiki as I feel they really bring another element to the treatment.

I see Reiki as working with the natural life energy that is all around us, I use Reiki symbols and Reiki hands-on techniques for the purposes of balancing the chakras, cleansing auric fields and clearing blocked energies. I use the system of Reiki alongside crystals to create an environment where negative energy can be cleared from the body and aura. I will also sometimes bring sound into a healing working with the Om tuning form or my singing bowl. This too helps clear and balance energies especially if there is big block that needs some gentle persuasion to clear!

Reiki healing is a powerful way to get in touch with your body, mind and soul. Crystals can be used alone or combined with Reiki for a positive energy boost. If you would like to know more or would like to book in for an appointment you can email me at or message me on social media.

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