• Kathryn Hulland

Super Full Moon in Capricorn Tonight!

Are you ready for the Super Full Moon in Capricorn tonight?!

I've been feeling its energy the last few evenings and it has been wonderful to be in a place where I can just sit, be and soak it all up! I am really hoping for clear skies tonight... last night was a bit too cloudy and this morning isn't much better so fingers crossed if clears.

Are you planning anything for this Super Full Moon? I have been working on a list of things to let go of which I plan to burn in my wonderful fire pit! I also have my drum so no doubt that will be out for a while.

By working with the full moon to release and let go we can open up space in our lives to bring in the new. Super full moons are a perfect time to do this as they offer up extra powerful energy to work with.

A Full Moon in Capricorn is a great time to find your voice, if there's something troubling you speak out about it, and if you have been putting off something important to you get going on it. If you don't quite feel brave enough to speak it try writing it, you could give that so someone or just the process of expressing it onto paper can help. You may have some blocks that you are struggling with and fighting with, see if you can find a place within you to allow them, to start feeling a flow and trust in it, with that comes great release.

Super Full Moons are also excellent for setting intentions as the energy is so high, so make sure your intentions are clear and concise. But do any letting go and clearing that's needed first!

Most of all enjoy the wonder that is the Super Full Moon, there's nothing like a bit of moon bathing!

Whatever you are doing enjoy and make the most of this Super Full Moon! Happy Full Super Moon everyone!

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