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Sustainable Choices

I'm a member of "The Knackered Mums" club, a group where knackered mums come together, encourage and support each other in sustainable-ish choices and actions. It's about trying, not beating yourself up and just doing what you can. It's a wonderful place to be and the support of people who understand the feeling of overwhelm is much needed. If you don't know why it can be so overwhelming read this Guardian article "IPCC report: ‘now or never’ if world is to stave off climate disaster"

This isn't scaremongering, this is real and terrifying. What future do we want our children to have?

Something that's been recommended to do in this group is to make a Ta Da List... that means list all the changes I've made to try and live in as eco friendly and sustainable way. I felt a bit nervous about doing it as know I've let alot slip during cancer treatment and recovery, and I need to start getting more on track now things are a bit more normal, I do struggle with me energy levels massively but there's still plenty I can do. Obviously there's still a long way to go but I thought I'd share it in case it gives anyone ideas on easy changes they can make. Before I share the list I also want to add that Jen Gale, who runs the group and gives us themes each month, tops and do much more, has 2 amazing books which are well worth a read. The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide and The Sustainable(ish) Guide to Green Parenting : Guilt-Free Eco-Ideas for Raising Your Kids. It's a brilliant guide full of useful tips, advice and suggestions without being preachy and expecting perfection!

You can buy it at local bookshops and on Hive or Bookshop (also Amazon but the other two support independent bookshops and authors so are a much better choice, even if you have to wait a few days) "This book isn't here to add guilt - that's the last thing any of us needs. And it's not about telling people how to parent - it's about helping sort out some of the facts from the fiction (because as new parents let's face it, who has the time or inclination to spend hours on Google trying to figure out whether reusable nappies really ARE better for the planet) and sifting through the greenwashing, letting parents know what options are out there, and then encouraging them to find the planet positive changes that work for them" And so my Ta Da List:

  • Soap, bamboo toothbrush, shampoo bar, deodorant in cardboard tube, tooth tabs instead of toothpaste

  • Refills for cleaner, hand wash, washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, washing machine liquid

  • Period cup & pants

  • Refills for pasta, crisps, rice, nuts, dried fruit, sweets, herbs etc.

  • Buying organic when possible

  • Tony's chocolate - this definitely counts...!

  • Don't drink - this counts too!

  • Cheeky Wipes (reusable Wipes bought when Grace was born and still in use)

  • Local supplier milk (dairy and non dairy who take back glass bottles and reuse)

  • Second hand toys

  • Always ask do I need it?

  • Reuse wherever possible

  • Recycle wherever possible if reusing isn't an option

  • Soft plastics collected to take to drop offs

  • Mend clothes- love visible mending, Grace likes the little "Bees" - much more practice needed!

  • Resell items or hand on to the charity shops

  • Organic ethical clothing, normally second hand, sometimes new.

  • Supporting local shops like bookshops, zero waste, bakery, farm shop etc.

  • Serious Tissues loo roll

  • Composting

  • Green energy supplier (sadly no longer but hopefully again soon...)

  • Grow small amount of veg, herbs and fruit, just ordered more seeds from vital seeds

  • Joined litter pick group on FB - hopefully will participate!

  • Deleting emails, unsubscribing (this actually has environmental impacts!)

  • Making better food choices, local, seasonal, vegetarian/vegan/unprocessed/locally reared meat

  • Reusing packaging for food storage

  • Washing machine at 30°

  • Going to try hard to work on not using tumble dryer so much

  • Turn down thermostat & radiators

  • Reusable cups, bottles etc

  • Reusable bags

  • Reusable razor

  • Reusable straws

  • Researching loft insulation

  • New doors to prevent heat escape

  • Write to MP on relevant issues (not that I ever get a decent response... ever)

That's the main ones, still a long way to go but it's a start 😊 What are your top tips?

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