• Kathryn Hulland

Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of Reiki!

I am so excited to be offering Reiki healing from the Durin Room at Liznojan Books & Cafe in Tiverton. I had a wonderful day seeing clients last Saturday and Monday and am very much looking forward to my next date in January.

If you would like to gift someone a reiki treatment you can purchase vouchers. These can be used for a treatment but also for animal healing or against any of the 2022 workshops.

Unfortunately my horse healing is on hold at the moment as I am still struggling with the travel side of things, hopefully soon I will be back on the road. If you are local to Tiverton I can still offer horse and animal healing.

If you want to be snuggly during a healing session do bring a blanket, though the heating will of course be on! I will ask you to fill in a form initially and once the paper work is done you lie fully clothed on your back on the couch. I will talk through with you how I work and what to expect. Some people fall asleep, for others there can be tears as emotions are released, some will feel tingling or strange movement, others may feel nothing - it varies from person to person.

I place crystals on and around you and work with their energy, I also work with the Om tuning fork and a singing bowl towards the end of the healing. I find this helps clear your energy and aura along with allowing you to gently come back to the room.

A healing session lasts 45 minutes, I then take my time at the end to talk through anything that arose that I picked up and to allow you time to ask questions and talk if needed.

If you'd like to purchase a voucher, or book in for a treatment, animal healing session or workshop you can email me at or message me via my Facebook page. Vouchers can be paid for via bank transfer or Paypal. When booking a treatment I ask that payment is made either before the treatment via one of these methods of exact cash on the day.

If you have any questions I am always happy to chat anything through!

All ready for clients in the Durin Room!

I work with crystals during a healing session

The room is perfect for you to take some time to lay back and relax

Towards the end of a healing session I work with the Om tuning fork and signing bowl. When finished you are given the option to pull a card - these always resonate and often relate to what has come up during a healing session

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