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Welcome Spring - Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Can you feel it? Spring is definitely in the air this week! The Spring flowers are blooming, the birds are getting chattier, and friskier and the sun has been making his presence known... finally! It really is a breath of fresh Spring air... have you noticed each season has a particular sense and smell to it? I love it!

So, what is the Spring Equinox? The Equinox is when the day and night are of equal length. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, this occurs on 20th March this year and signals the start of Spring. It's a time to celebrate new beginnings, growth and fertility. Here are some ways you can celebrate the Spring Equinox:

  • Get outside and enjoy nature! Go for a walk, have a picnic or just sit in your garden and take in all the new Spring growth. I loved just sitting and watching the bees being busy on the heather in my garden yesterday, even a bumble bee popped up.

  • Plant something! Whether it's some seeds, herbs or flowers, get your hands dirty and plant something to watch grow over the Spring and Summer months. Grace and I are ahead with this and currently have sunflowers, pumpkins, sweet peas, runner beans, peas, sweetcorn and some flowers all starting on the windowsill. We have also planted some flower seeds outside and have a few more to do this weekend.

  • Have a Spring clean! Open the windows, let some fresh air in and clear out the cobwebs - both literal and figurative! It's so nice to be sat here typing with the sun shining through the open window, feeling the gentle breeze and hearing the birds who are full of song this morning.

  • Dance! Feel the energy of Spring, put on some lively music and let your body dance!

  • Make something! Get creative this Equinox and make something new, whether it's a piece of art, a cake or some new clothes. We bought some Easter egg gingerbread and Grace has been decorating one each day and eating it, next time I will make them but Covid has my energy a little lacking to do it all immediately! We have also been painting pictures of daffodils and collecting sticks and moss on walks around the garden to make "nests".

  • Have a bonfire! This is more of a traditional way to celebrate, but there's nothing quite like sitting around a fire, even if it is in your back garden. I really hope to get more use out of our garden fire this year, whether it's at the pony fields for full moon celebrations or at home for some family time.

  • Set up an altar with a Spring theme to honour and celebrate this special time of the year.

  • Do a ritual ! This could be something as simple as setting an intention for the Equinox, writing down what you want to manifest or achieve over the next season. You could do a tarot reading, some energy work or even just spend some time meditating.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year, along with Autumn when I really feel the change in the air and in myself. Spring the energy starts rising, plans form and things move forward, in Autumn I start hunkering down and turning inward.

Do you have any plans to celebrate the Equinox? I'd love to hear what you're up to!

If you'd like some deeper ways to celebrate then take a look at Rebecca Campbell's blog here where she explains the Wheel of the Year and gives guidance on Soul Enquiry, Spring Altar, an Intention Setting Ritual and more... I really love Rebecca Campbell's offerings and can highly recommend her Sisterhood group.

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