• Kathryn Hulland

What really matters

This is a great article, well worth a read and it includes acknowledgment that we can be in situations that make it difficult to do what really matters, that it's not easy! I think it can actually be quite hard to even work out what really matters, we easily get swept up in busy lives and then trapped within them, losing awareness of what's truly important. It's scary to let go of what we know, what we feel keeps us safe like a steady wage, even if it's doing something we hate and sucks us dry. Grace is what matters to me most, so having security for her matters most to me. But as I discovered you don't have to be doing a 9-5 mundane job to do that, there other ways. In this article he talks about how important flexibility of work is to him and I have to agree it's the same for me. Now I am free of that time restraint I can earn my money but also do what I love, equally I earn my money doing what I love - who knew that was possible...!! This too fits in around my health, I'm no longer fixed to specific working times and having to push through, which in turn makes me sicker and rarely ever feeling well to do what I love, all energy is used up on work. Being self employed means I can balance my work, my health, my family, friends, hobbies etc together in a healthy way. I can pace and rest and enjoy life again! My health has been an issue since I was a child, I feel now I have finally found that balance, a way to do what I love, be there for Grace and pay the bills! This has also taken alot of family support too to get to this point, but that's why you have to be open to accepting help, sometimes that's part of what it takes! It's a shame it took a cancer diagnosis for me to really see what matters most, or should I say to finally put those things first. Cancer gave me an opportunity to let it all go, I had no choice. It was then down to me to ensure I didn't waste that opportunity and fall back into old patterns! I recommend reading the article, then write the questions he asks down and journal your thoughts on them, see what comes up. I was driving on Monday and a thought ran through my head "what's the meaning of life?" And no it is not number 42.. but to enjoy it. To find happiness and joy, even in the smallest of things. Every second isn't going to be that of course, especially when you have a temperamental 4 year old (I put her up as free to good home yesterday so I can have a pony instead 😉), there will be trying times no matter how perfect your life is, but enjoy the good times and seek them out! Life is for living. Or maybe it is 42 - that's when I started on the happier path....!!

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