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What to expect from a Reiki session with me....

Whether you are looking for a Reiki session for yourself or your animal you may be wondering just what to expect. Below I describe how I work and give you an idea of what to expect from a session with me.

Reiki session Devon

A Reiki session with me typically starts with a short conversation about what you hope to gain from the session, how you are feeling and if there's any areas you would like me to specifically focus on. I will ask you to fill in a form with your details (got to keep the insurers happy) I will then ask you to remove your shoes and lie on your back fully clothed on the treatment table. I will explain how I work and what to expect before I get started in person, but below is a short run down.

Though I am Reiki trained I have also trained in other modalities including shamanic practices, crystal healing and chakra balancing, I draw on all these when I offer healing, working with what I feel is best for you.

I start by placing my hands on your shoulders and getting a sense for your energy, I will then begin by scanning your energy field for any areas that need attention. I work with my pendulum to check in with each of your chakras individually. Once I have done this I place any crystals I am drawn to work with for you on and/or around you.

I allow the flow of healing to the areas I am drawn, often using crystals or Reiki symbols to help clear and balance your energy. I work around your body and may make notes if anything comes up. I will work at your feet for grounding to help bring further peace and calm.

Reiki healing on heart chakra

I regularly check in at your shoulders to do a scan through and feel how the energy flow is and to send further healing through your body. I also work with my Om tuning fork. I use the sound on each of your chakras and to cleanse through your aura. I find working with this tuning fork brings an extra clarity to the healing, offering further clearance and balance in a very gentle way.

When I am ready to finish the healing I will play my singing bowl to clear the energy and to let you know the healing is near an end. An average healing sessions lasts around 45 minutes.

I will let you know when I have finished and give you time to come back around. I then run through anything that came up during the healing, this may be physical and/or emotional and you can talk through how you feel and ask any questions. I will offer you the opportunity to pick an oracle card (I will send a photo of this with the description to you so you can read and consider it over time). These cards often resonate and affirm what has come up during a healing session.

A healing session is very relaxing, some people even fall asleep. It’s a time for you to switch off and allow your body and mind to just be.


When working with a pet in your home I will start by having a conversation with you about any concerns you have, the history of your pet and why you wanted a healing session for them. I will then ask you to fill in a form.

I am very much guided by the animal in relation to how I work. Some are very happy for instant touch, others prefer if I keep my distance and hold the space sending healing and connection from a distance. I will work through the chakras initially and may have some crystals around the room that I feel will support your pet.

Animal Reiki Devon, Dog, Cockerpoo

As I work with your pet I will communicate to you what I am doing and any messages and information that arise. As I work I will tune in to any emotion and trauma they may be wanting to release and allow space for this. I may work with my Om tuning fork as this often allows animals to release more fully if there is a block they are struggling with.

How long a session lasts for very much depends on the animal and what they need, it could be 10 minutes or 2 hours! The average is about an hour.

I will run through everything I have worked on and what has come up at the end and answer any questions.


Read here more on what to expect from a horse healing session.

Horse Healing and Communication, Devon

When working with a horse I will spend time getting to know them, and their energy. I will work with what the horse is comfortable with, whether this is me standing close by and sending energy hands on or if they prefer me to work from a distance.

I will start by scanning their energy field for any areas that need attention and will work through the chakras. As I work, any emotions or trauma that need to be released will come up and I hold the space for this.

I will run through everything I have worked on and what has come up at the end and answer any questions. I do find a follow up distance healing can be very beneficial for all animals, but in particular horses.

Animals, people and healing

Something that often happens during an animal healing is that they want to bring their person into it, this doesn't always happen as they may just need all the focus, but much of the time they ask for their person to be included. This may be because issues they are having in fact relate to the human/s around them, rather than what they are carrying themselves.

A healing session with your pet can be very special, horses in particular draw their people in and I do offer a horse and person healing together. For this I always start with the horse and if they are receptive the healing will flow with them and their person, if they are not receptive this is fine and I will just do a separate healing for their person after, I always put the horse's needs first!

If you have any other questions or would like to book a session, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I offer Reiki for people from my treatment room in Tiverton, Devon. I travel around Devon and Somerset for pet and horse healing appointments.

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