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World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day

This is in no way everything but a few snippets of the realities of cancer from my experience, inspired by a similar post I read a couple of years ago #worldcancerday

This was written last year, just after a visit from paramedics in the middle of the night. It's what those living with and going through cancer experience and it doesn't all just go away one day even after the all clear. I've come a long way these last 12 months with my healing for which I'm so grateful ❤

  • Cancer is the fear Grace will lose her mum too soon and I won't see her grow up

  • Cancer is not something you brought on yourself

  • Cancer is middle of the night fear that grips you tight

  • Cancer is wanting to do so much but sometimes not even managing a shower

  • Cancer is needles, scans, IVs, machines, doctors and nurses in all coloured uniforms

  • Cancer is finding humour in the direst of times

  • Cancer makes you very vulnerable to other infections

  • Cancer is fear of reoccurrence, any pain can trigger the fear

  • Cancer is trauma, sometimes relived over and over

  • Cancer is being brave but vulnerable all at once

  • Cancer rips through your life, takes your job, money and passions

  • Cancer is ulcers, sore skin, losing nails and other weird bodily things

  • Cancer is finding tools to manage fear & anxiety

  • Cancer is erratic emotions, sometimes feeling like you're going mad

  • Cancer is feeling guilt

  • Cancer is looking into every possible option that might help cure and prevent

  • Cancer makes you realise just how strong you can be

  • Cancer is being cut open and parts removed

  • Cancer makes you realise it's OK to ask for help and say I'm not ok

  • Cancer is questioning treatment choices and decisions continuously

  • Cancer is having to stop breastfeeding before you are both ready

  • Cancer is looking at you daughter and bursting into tears

  • Cancer is fear of scans and results

  • Cancer is a whole new look! No hair, short hair, pink hair, purple hair. Hats, scarves, bandannas....

  • Cancer is not needing to shave anywhere..

  • Cancer can help find your power and confidence it can also help you lose it

  • Cancer is nausea during treatment

  • Cancer is finding all sorts of holistic and self care choices for mental and physical health

  • Cancer is meeting incredibly wonderful people.

  • Cancer is about realising what's truly important to you. What is most important to do with time left and the dreams you really want to follow.

  • Cancer is all encompassing fatigue

  • Cancer is being grateful for life, not taking it for granted

  • Cancer is gratitude for the incredible NHS

  • Cancer is gratitude for all the amazing support organisations trying to make life a little bit easier for every cancer patient

  • Cancer is gratitude for friends and family who kept me going, smiling and laughing

  • Cancer is gratitude for the small things, like being alive to hear the birds in the morning

  • Cancer is gratitude to medical science and research .Cancer is gratitude for my healthcare accessibility privilege

  • Cancer is not who I am but it has given me a different view on life.

  • Cancer is not who I am but it will always be with me

  • Cancer is finding and clinging on to hope

  • Cancer is finding light in the dark

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People in Devon are incredibly generous when it comes to supporting cancer charities. By backing FORCE Cancer Charity cancer on World Cancer Day, you can be sure that your money is spent helping the ones you care about most, right here where you live.

Text FORCE to 70085 to donate £3, FORCE5 to give a fiver, FORCE10 to make it a tenner. You get the picture. Please, do it today.

Or go to to make your contribution.

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