Prices & Services

Mileage may be added depending on where you live but I will give a fixed price before visiting.  I can travel up to an hour from Tiverton, Devon.   ​Read more about my services here.  

Reiki in Nature - £40

I offer all of the below out in nature at the Rosebud Ranch near Kings Nympton.  The Ranch is in a beautiful valley in the countryside with woods and with views over to the moors providing an oasis of peace, tranquility and serenity.  We are surrounded by wonderful wildlife and the animals that live on the land including sheep, alpacas, chickens, Mustang Horse Cassie, Quarter Horse Chic and Wolf Dog Jim.   Come and enjoy the peace and tranquility at the Rosebud Ranch Retreat as you take some time for you! 

Equispirit Reiki - £30 (£35 at Liznojan)

This is what most of my clients choose for their healing session. It is Reiki with crystals and sound, I work with an Om tuning fork and sound bowl.  At the end of the healing you can also choose an oracle card.  

Reiki Healing £30 (£35 at Liznojan) for 1 hour appointment with 40-45 minutes of healing

£40 for 1 hour 15 minutes which includes a guided meditation

Make your self care a priority and book a relaxing Reiki treatment.  I will work with Reiki and crystals to help balance through your body, mind and spirit. Treatment involves the placement of hands on or near the recipient’s body to help them relax.  Reiki is a gentle and effective way to reduce stress, promote relaxation and assist the body to heal both physical and emotional ailments.  On Saturdays my healing sessions are set in the stunning Durin Room at Liznojan Books in Tiverton, after your treatment you could treat yourself to a delicious drink/cake/lunch at the cafe next door.  Alternatively you could book a weekday treatment at my home treatment room in Mid Devon, with on site parking and a tranquil setting you will leave feeling relaxed and at peace. 

If you would like to include a meditation with your healing we will communicate about this in advance, allowing me to prepare the right one just for you and your needs at that time. 

Chakra Balance - 30 minutes - 20 minutes healing - £20 ((£25 at Liznojan)

This is a quicker treatment in which I focus on just your main 7 chakras aligning them and bringing them into balance ensuring they are flowing 

Just Reiki - 1 hour appointment with 40-45 minute healing - £30 (£35 at Liznojan)

I offer just reiki, it is as above but without the crystals 

Just Crystal Healing - 1 hour appointment with 40-45 minute healing £30 (£35 at Liznojan)

During this healing I focus more on the crystals I am drawn to use and the grids set up around you.  I work more deeply with the crystals during your session and will ask you to choose some of the ones you feel drawn to to be placed around or on you.  

Shamanic Practitioner Healing

Working with nature and spirit I connect to restore what is needed.  I use my tools including my drum and rattle.     

Drum Healing - 45 minute appointment with 30 minutes healing - £30 (£35 at Liznojan)

During this healing you will lay on the couch whilst I do a drum healing for you.  This will balance through your body, cleanse the chakras and help release what needs releasing. 

Power Animal Retrieval - 45 minute appointment with 30 minutes healing - £30 (£35 at Liznojan)

We all have our power centres which can show up as animals, each has their own meaning an interpretation.  These power animals are there to assist us, some may remain throughout our lifetimes, others just through specific periods.  Through the use of the drum I will connect with yours.  There will be healing sent during this session and I will help guide you on the meaning of the power animal that shows itself. 

Drum Journey - Beginners 30 minute appointment with 20 minute journey - £20 - The duration can be extended depending on experience (£25 at Liznojan)

I can take you on a journey to meet your allies or I can journey for you.  I will chat to you first to find out if you have any previous journey experience and what feels right for you.

Healing of the Ancient Britain's - 30 minute appointment with 20 minute healing - £20 (£25 at Liznojan)

This is a shorter healing that focuses on your chakras and draws on energy portals of the Ancient Britains. This healing is very connected to the land on which we live and nature. 

Equine Healing - £45 :  Equine Healing & Person Healing £60 

Click here for full details on what to expect from a healing session for your horse.

I will visit you and your horse and carry out a full healing session.  I may follow this up with a distance healing if it feels necessary.  I will write a full report which will be emailed to you.  I have  been guided to work this way to help give time to those horses that need more time and less pressure to process a healing session.  Following up with a distance healing allows me to connect again and often receive further communication from the horse.  

Horses can bring their person into a healing so you may well receive healing during a treatment, however I can't ever guarantee that as I am always led by the horse's wishes.  You can book yourself in for a healing at the same time as your horse, this can be quite special if they allow it in their company.  Alternatively I can do this elsewhere away from your horse, as long as you will be warm and comfortable! 

Healing for your pet £45

I will come and visit you at your home and carry out a full healing session, if needed I will follow this up with a distance healing.  I will write a full report of any sessions which will be emailed to you.  I have  been guided to work this way to help give time to those animals that need more time and less pressure to process a healing session.  Following up with a distance healing allows me to connect again and often receive further communication from the animal.  ​​​​​

Distance Healing £20

Payment required in advance via Paypal or BACS

I can send distance healing to you or a pet, you can buy a session for another person as a gift but I will need their permission before offering  the healing.  I will need a  photo to work with and am happy to receive this by e-mail and print myself.  During a distance healing I will make a crystal grid specifically for them, then scan over the person or animal, balance the energies and send healing, in particular focusing on any areas I feel it is needed.  I will report back to you following the healing with what I felt, the areas I focused on and any messages that may have come through.

Teaching Reiki 1 £80 - Reiki 2 £100

As a Reiki Master I teach Reiki 1 and 2 for which you will receive certificates.


Reiki 1 is a day course in which you learn the story of Reiki and how to work with Reiki for self healing.  During the day there will be meditation and guidance on the chakra system.  Reiki 2 is more in depth and you will learn the initial Reiki symbols and how to give healing to another person.  Before completing Reiki 2 you will be required to do case studies, once these are complete you will then be able to practice on people as a Reiki 2 practitioner and receive your certificate.  


I will then always be there as your Reiki teacher if you need any guidance of have any questions, follow ups etc - even years later! 

If you are looking to work within the NHS or register with The Reiki Federation/Association you should find a teacher that runs their accredited courses.  Though not accredited what I teach is the same Reiki, I just choose not to be a member of these organisations.  My insurance company cover me for all teaching and are happy to cover all my students once trained.  By teaching in this way it allows me to bring myself more to the teaching.  I comply with GDPR and all guidelines relevant to my practice.  You can still practice and go on to teach Reiki without being a member of these organisations.  You can click on the Westminster Insurance logo below to be taken to my insurers and to apply for your own insurance.  






Teaching  Animal Healing & Communication 

The animal healing learning is something to assist you in connecting with your animals and those around you, I will give you a certificate at the end to confirm you have completed it with me.   I recommend learning Reiki 1 first if you have not worked with healing energy before.  Each course comes with a manual for you to keep and look back on together with some suggested further reading.   The course is very focued on personal development as it is by doing this that we are able to allow the energy to flow and offer deeper healing to people and animals.  

One 2 One ongoing teaching from £30 

I offer ongoing support and training in animal healing, in particular horse healing.  If you would like to learn more once you have completed Reiki 1, 2 and the animal healing course I will design a development programme specifically for you.  I of course offer continued general support free of charge to my students.

Workshops- price varies

We ran some very enjoyable mindfulness meditation and healing workshops with Rosebud Alpacas in the summer of 2019 and 2021 and have 4 planned for 2022.  You can find the full details here. These workshops include mindfulness meditation, mindfulness walking within a herd of alpacas/ponies, meditation to meet your allies, Reiki healing, animal healing and communication, herd observation and time out in nature to recharge.  Do get in touch if you would like to join the mailing list to keep updated!  

Mid Devon Meditation and Reiki Group - £5

Myself and my good friend Debra Wotton run a monthly group in Tiverton.  We meet at the Heathcoat Community Centre and do a guided meditation before a healing share.  You do not need to be Reiki attuned as we are there to help and guide.  We have set the group up as we found groups like this invaluable for our own confidence and it is always nice to spend time with like minded people!  Find full details and dates here.

Mid Devon Women's Circle £5

Once a month we meet at the Britton Room at the Heathcoat Community Centre.  Click here for full details 

Gift vouchers available  - give a gift with a difference to a friend or to your horse!  Vouchers designed according to occasion.

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