Below I list a few different options for healing though I go with what feels right for who I am working with and so that isn't necessarily what the books says!  I work my way,  with intention for the best possible healing session for my client whichever way that takes me.  I will of course always ask permission and explain what I am doing.   I am very happy to talk through with you what you can expect from a healing session, how it works and how I am guided to work with you.  

Healing for Horses

My healing does focus on the horse, though they may bring you in this doesn't always happen so if you would like a healing session yourself this needs to be booked as a separate appointment - which can be done on the same day. 

Click here to read about a full healing session with a horse named Daisy - this is also the type of report I will send you if you choose a healing with a report option.  

There is no set time for a healing session, on average they seem to last 1 hour to 1 & half hours but sometimes it can be less, sometimes it can be more, I do whatever is best for the horse.  If I feel a shorter session is best I will stop sooner and suggest coming out again another day for a second session this is because I believe if the horse has a lot to work through it’s not fair to expect them to deal with too much in one go. Alternatively it may be there are some issues to work through and the horse is very accepting  and open, in which case it could be longer than an hour and a half.  It may be a person needs some extra support and to talk things through following the session, I won't leave until everyone is happy.  For this reason I do ask people to bear in mind their appointment times can be an approximate, 99% of the time I arrive when I say I will but if I do get held up with a person before you and am running a little late I do ask for understanding, as the same consideration will be given to you.  


It's very important to allow the horse time to relax and process a healing session, therefore he should not be taken out of his normal routine (change of field/new horse entering herd etc), ridden, exercised or travelled for at least 24 hours after a healing session.

Healing for People

Shamanic Based Healing - I work with nature and spirit to bring shamanic based healing.  I can offer drum healing and power animal retrieval. 

Reiki - is non religious and can be accepted by anyone, it clears the whole energy system releasing toxins on all levels and so will readjust and re-balance the mind, body and spirit.  For longstanding problems several sessions may be needed to restore equilibrium   


Crystal Healing - involves healing with the placement of stones and crystals on and around the client.  Each crystal has its own healing powers which help focus healing energies to certain areas, they can also form a healing energy around the patient.  


It is a gentle non-invasive form of healing which works holistically with the mind, body, emotions and spirit. I channel the energy from the crystals to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. 

Through the use of crystals and channelling energy I work on your 7 main chakras (which in turn work on the many others in your body) and aura ensuring they are balanced and cleared. This session can help release energetic buildup which may be having a negative impact on your overall well-being.

I also use crystals when working with animals and may sometimes make recommendations for those that may help support the animal.

Distance Healing - Distance healing is performed without the need for you to leave your home.  It is possible to send healing energies over any distance and can be arranged for any time of the day to people and animals. 

Healing for Animals

​Though I specialise in horses I do offer healing services to all animals.  I have experience with dogs, cats, budgies, rats, hamsters, lizards.... to name just a few!  If you have a pet you feel would benefit from a healing session then do get in touch.  This can be in person or via a distance healing session.  If an animal is not tame enough to be handled I can still do a healing either by distance or in close proximity, for example through a cage, and the healing will reach them.  I can use crystals during the healing.  I am guided by my intuition on what the animal needs and do the healing based on this.


I can teach Reiki 1, 2 and 3.  I am also now teaching basic animal healing and communication.  Note this is not a certificated course, it is guidance on how you can tune in and connect with your animals.  I advise completing Reiki 1 first if you have not worked with healing energy in the past.  


I have 4 workshops currently lined up for 2022.  Find out full details here

Mid Devon Meditation and Reiki Group

A monthly group I host together with a friend at Heathcoat Community Centre in Tiverton.  Find out more here

Certified Moonologer

I am a Certified Moonologer.  At the moment I am not offering any particular services in this respect but I do bring my work with the moon to my groups and training.  I love working with the cycle of the moon and hope to bring some further offerings in this respect soon.