Myself and Debra Wotton who co hosts the Mid Devon Reiki and Meditation Group with me are running 4 workshops in 2022 at the Rosebud Ranch Retreat near Kings Nympton.  All workshops are designed to help you feel relaxed and deepen your connection with nature and the beings we share our lives with. 

The workshops are set in a beautiful valley surrounded by countryside, woods  and with views over to the moors providing an oasis of peace, tranquility and serenity.  We are surrounded by wonderful wildlife and the animals that live on the land including sheep, alpacas, chickens, Mustang Horse Cassie, Quarter Horse Chic and Wolf Dog Jim.   

We aim to develop our care and connection for all living beings as well as ourselves through Meditation and Mindful Living.  

Come rain or shine we will be grounding ourselves in the present moment through Meditation, Mindfulness and Meditation in Nature. 

Enjoy the peace and tranquility at the Rosebud Ranch Retreat as you take some time for you! 

General info 

You will need to bring your own lunch and refreshments.  A compost toilet is available on location. Please wear sturdy footwear.  You will need to be able to walk along the fields and up a slight hill to the alpaca paddock.  We request a £15 deposit on booking to secure your place and full payment at least 2 weeks before your workshop date.   If we have to cancel due to severe weather or Covid restrictions you will be fully refunded.  You can book by emailing 

Meditating in Nature

Meditation, Mindfulness & Nature Connection

22nd May 2022 – 11am-3pm - £50 

During our first workshop of the year we will introduce you to the concept of mindfulness and how you can work with it to connect with the nature around us.  The day will include meditation, mindful walking, tree connection and journaling.   

We will provide guidance to help you reach a higher level of consciousness, self-understanding and inner peace.  Meditation allows you to take time out of your daily life and to learn how to relax, readjust and recalibrate. It is a one day workshop that will give you tools that will be useful for the rest of your life. 

This is the perfect opportunity to get away from your daily routine and learn how to connect with nature on a different level which can help you overcome stress and allow you time to relax. 

Reiki Healing & Meditation

24th July 2022 – 11am-3pm - £50 

This workshop is about taking time out for you to relax, meditate and receive a Reiki healing. In our busy lives, we often forget to stop and take some time out. Meditation can help you tap into your inner peace and calmness, whilst connecting with the natural world around us.  A Reiki treatment adds to this  by centering you, cleansing your energy and allowing you to feel refreshed.  

This is a chance for you to beat the stress of everyday life and steep yourself in nature and look after your own wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

We will begin the day with a grounding meditation and then take a walk around the land and introduce you to the animals who live there, we will take time to notice everything that is around us, the day  is about slowing down and taking time out.   

We will then do a further meditation to connect with your spirit guides and share what we feel comfortable with sharing amongst the group. Participants will then take it in turns to receive a Reiki healing from a Reiki Master whilst the others enjoy more time on the land connecting and journaling.  We will end the day with a further meditation and discussions if you feel drawn to share any of your experiences.   

Meditations include: 


  • Overall clearing, protecting, grounding and balancing of the chakra system 

  • Meditation to meet your spirit guide 

  • Elemental Magic

Reiki Treatment
Feline Friend

An Introduction to Animal Healing and Communication

14th August – 10am-4pm - £60 

During this workshop I will introduce you to the concept of heart centered connection with the animals we share our lives with and help you open up to your own healing and communication abilities – everyone has them!

During the day there will be meditation, discussion of healing concepts, the animal chakras and how we can work on ourselves to ensure we are in the best possible position to hear and support the animals in our lives.

At the Ranch you will work with horses, chickens, sheep, alpacas and wolf dog Jim! We will work in a variety of ways some hands on but others working with fleece/fur, from a distance and holding meditative space for connection. I also ask you to bring a photo of an animal you know which we will work with to practice distance healing and communication.

There will be an introductory manual to take home with you

The Alpaca Connection

4th September 2022 – 11am-3pm - £50 


Join us for a day of meditation and connection with the delightful herd of Alpacas at the Rosebud Ranch Retreat. 


Alpacas are known for their gentle nature and are great teachers when it comes to meditation. 


The day will start with introductions of ourselves and the alpacas, Lucy who owns the ranch will talk a little about the alpacas before we start the first meditation, you are also welcome to ask Lucy any questions about the alpacas during the day. 


Meditations include: 


  • Clearing, calming and grounding 

  • Welcoming the alpaca connection 

  • Closing down and last thoughts  

In between the meditations you will have the opportunity to walk and sit with the herd, you will be encouraged to sit with a journal and make notes about what comes up for you whilst with them, this might be words, feelings or even drawing a picture. We will give you some prompts of things you could focus on. In between time with the alpacas we will sit as a group to share what you feel comfortable sharing with one another.


Manifest Your Future



"Manifest your future"

Sunday 23rd October 2022 11am-3pm @ Heathcoat Community Centre, Tiverton.   £30 and includes all materials. .


We are excited to be offering this new workshop "Manifest your future"!


"Manifesting is cultivating the experience of what it is that you want to feel — and then living and believing in that experience so that you can allow it to come into form"

Gabby Bernstein


During the day we will work on your heart's desires and how to bring them into reality. You'll learn how to tune in to the moon and to work alongside her cycle to help bring focus to what you want to welcome into your life, and just as importantly (if not more) what to let go of allowing space for the new to come in.


You will spend time in guided meditation allowing you time to really focus on what's most important to you. They'll be the opportunity to journal with some guided questions helping to bring focus as you note down your goals and ways you can bring them into fruition. Some of these may be things you can accomplish soon, others may be long term and take time - that's OK!


You'll also make a vision board to take home with you and connect with a crystal to aid in manifestation.


At the end we will do a reading with the Moonology Manifestation Cards.


Are you ready to manifest the life you truly desire and deserve?